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Financial Help for Adopting Families

Financial Help for Adopting FamiliesFinancial Help for Adopting Families

Financial Help

Read the articles below to find out what types of financial assistance are available to families wanting to adopt a child.

Federal Help for Adopting Families

This site includes resources to help defray adoption costs for all types of adoptions to help make adoption a more affordable option.  Included is information on grants, loans, employer benefits, adoption tax credits, and adoption subsidies.

State Help

Provides financial resources and services for children with special needs and their adoptive parents.

Federal Tax Credit for Adopting Families

This refers to the adoption federal tax credit. The maximum credit is increased to approximately $11,000 per eligible child, including a child with special needs. Up to this amount of approximately $11,000 credit is provided in the year an adoption is finalized.

Employer Help

Employer-provided adoption benefits are being provided by an ever growing number of employers. This site examines: 1) What types of benefits do employers offer to help with adoption; 2) What are the eligibility criteria and conditions for receiving adoption benefits; and 3) Which employers offer adoption benefits?

Health Insurance

Since health insurance company information given to adopting families about the heath insurance coverage regarding an adoption is often inconsistent, confusing, and at times incorrect, this can be an extremely important resource.

Special Needs Infants

The information on this site provides general information on eligibility and limitations for, and termination or modification of, adoption subsidies for special needs children.

Taxpayer ID Number

You will need an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number when applying for a child deduction on your U.S. income tax return if you do not yet have a Social Security Number for the adopted child. This site will help you with information about a temporary adoption identification number.

Help for Adopting Families by State

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Financial Help for Adopting FamiliesFinancial Help for Adopting Families