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Domestic Adoption

Domestic AdoptionDomestic Adoption

Domestic Adoption

A child domestic adoption involves adopting a child born in the same country in which you reside.  Each state has a special website and special child adoption contact to help a person or couple interested in domestic child adoption.

Domestic Adoption

All child adoptions can be classified as either Domestic or International adoption. This section of the website deals briefly with domestic adoptions.

A domestic adoption involves adopting a child within the country where you reside.  For a U.S. citizen this means adopting a U.S. born child or a U.S. citizen born in another country, for example a child born overseas to a U.S. military person or to a U.S. expatriate.

A private child adoption or an agency child adoption are two of the types of domestic adoption.  A private child adoption is arranged through an attorney, physician, or other private individual while an agency adoption is arranged through a licensed child adoption agency.

Another way to classify domestic child adoption is to say they are either a closed adoption or an open.  In a closed adoption, the last names and other identifying information of the birth mother and birth father and that of the adopting family are not known to each other.  While first names and some personal information may be shared, specific identifying information such as last names are not exchanged. In an open adoption, the birth mother parents and adopting parents share all identifying information.

A final way to look at domestic adoption is to see the adoption as an intrastate adoption where the birth mother and adopting family live in the same state or as an interstate adoption where the birth mother and adopting family live in different states.  An interstate adoption must meet the legal and procedural requirements of at least two states as well as the Interstate Compact Act.

The chart below provides links to adoption information for every state. Additional adoption resources for each state are the state's Child Welfare Website, the Child Welfare Information Gateway State Adoption Information Website.

Adoption Information provided by State Agencies
 Alabama  Montana
 Alaska  Nebraska
 Arizona  Nevada
 Arkansas  New Hampshire
 California  New Jersey
 Colorado  New Mexico
 Connecticut  New York
 Delaware  North Carolina
 D Columbia  North Dakota
 Florida  Ohio
 Georgia  Oklahoma
 Hawaii  Oregon
 Idaho  Pennsylvania
 Illinois  Rhode Island
 Indiana  South Carolina
 Iowa  South Dakota
 Kansas  Tennessee
 Kentucky  Texas
 Louisiana  Utah
 Maine  Vermont
 Maryland  Virginia
 Massachusetts  Washington
 Michigan  West Virginia
 Minnesota  Wisconsin
 Mississippi  Wyoming

Additional Information

The differences in the types of domestic child adoption listed above are more than just academic because each type of adoption must meet a different set of legal requirements which change from state to state. Once you have looked through the content on the website, if you want a more personal touch, please feel free to contact us.

Help for Adopting Families by State

 Alabama  Montana
 Alaska  Nebraska
 Arizona  Nevada
 Arkansas  New Hampshire
 California  New Jersey
 Colorado  New Mexico
 Connecticut  New York
 Delaware  North Carolina
 Florida  North Dakota
 Georgia  Ohio
 Hawaii  Oklahoma
 Idaho  Oregon
 Illinois  Pennsylvania
 Indiana  Rhode Island
 Iowa  South Carolina
 Kansas  South Dakota
 Kentucky  Tennessee
 Louisiana  Texas
 Maine  Utah
 Maryland  Vermont
 Massachusetts  Virginia
 Michigan  Washington
 Minnesota  West Virginia
 Mississippi  Wisconsin
 Missouri  Wyoming
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Domestic AdoptionDomestic Adoption