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Costs and Fees of Adopting

Costs and Fees of AdoptingCosts and Fees of Adopting

Costs and Fees of Adopting

The costs and fees of child adoption are discussed here. Adopting families need to consider that by taking short cuts, you may be setting yourself up to lose your money without getting a child.  The safest route is to go through a licensed adoption agency.

Child Adoption Expenses

In the U.S. a domestic child adoption can be more costly than and international child adoption.You will also find that typically the fees involved in adopting a healthy newborn or infant are significantly higher that in adopting a child with special needs, an older or "hard-to place" child.

The total child adoption costs include many things such as the birth mother's and child's medical and legal costs, your legal costs and your Home Study, federal, state, and country fees, as well as fees for the agency, attorneys, travel, orphanage, court, and filing fees.

In general, you will find that the total fees involved in the adoption of a a healthy U.S. born infant can range from $0 (see foster care adoption) to $60,000 - $70,000 and even higher.

The total fees in an international child adoption can typically range from a few thousand dollars all the way up to approximately $40,000. 

When comparing fees note that some agencies may give you partial costs and leave out fees charged by other governmental authorities, or hospitals, doctors, attorneys, or travel costs, or document preparation fees.  Additionally, when these fees are paid is important as is the agency refund policies.

For additional information please visit the link for Adoption Costs.

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Costs and Fees of AdoptingCosts and Fees of Adopting