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The links below provide information about the typical choices you will need to make when adopting a child.  They also explain how  making the right choices increases your chances of adopting a child while at the same time minimizing the chances of losing your money and not succeeding in a  child adoption.

Types of Child Adoption

The primary types of child adoption are agency adoption and private adoption, open adoption and closed adoption, domestic adoption and international adoption, and intrastate and interstate adoption.

Open versus Closed Adoption

The distinctions between these are frequently misunderstood by birth mothers, birth fathers, and adopting families. Simply stated, an open adoption is when the family and birth parents know last names, addresses, and phone numbers. A closed adoption is when that identifying information is not exchanged. It is that simple.

Agency Adoption versus Private Adoption

An agency adoption is when the placement is arranged through an adoption agency. A private adoption is when the placement of the child is arranged through an individual, often an attorney, physician, friend, facilitator, or referral service.

Adoption Agency vs Adoption Facilitator

Facilitator adoption has become such a problem that the U.S. government has warned birth mothers, birth fathers, and adopting families to work with an agency and avoid adoption facilitators.

Intrastate Adoption versus Interstate Adoption

The distinction between an intrastate and interstate adoption is important since each type of adoption brings forth a different set of legal requirements.


Discusses access to records, including obtaining birth records, and the topic of search & reunion through adoption registries.

Domestic Adoption versus International Adoption

An international adoption must meet the requirements of the state, U.S. Government, and foreign governments. Both international and domestic child adoption have their own sets of potential problems and concerns.

Adoption Agencies

Finding the one adoption agency that meets your needs and desires is an important early step. Agencies come in a variety of forms. This source of information provides you with specific tips on how to select the agency that is best for you.

Adoption Attorneys

An adoption attorney is critical if you have decided to adopt without the help of an agency.  This is a valuable site to help you find an experienced attorney approved by the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.

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