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Adopting Family Resources

Adopting Resources for the Adopting FamilyAdopting Resources for the Adopting Family

Additional Resources

The links below will take you to sources of information on some of the emotional issues adopting families face, support groups and organizations that can help, medical evaluations for the adopted child, plus information on adopted children that are currently available through foster care programs, adoption exchanges and photo listings.

Emotional Issues

This area examines the emotional impact of adoption on the adoptee and the entire adopting family as they find themselves facing some emotional and developmental issues and concerns that are different than those faced by a child that has been biologically born into the family.

Support Groups for Adopting Families

Each support site offers something a little different but all try to offer support, encouragement, information and alternatives.  The site includes a list of almost 900 adoption-related child adoption support groups from across the United States and Canada.

Organizations than can help Adopting Families:

Listed here are several adoption organization resources from private sources and those supported by the U.S. Government.

Child Medical Evaluations

Medical evaluations can be very helpful after an adopting family has received an adoption referral. In every case the adopting family should make sure to check with a local doctor and pediatrician with the referral information.

Foster Care Adoption

Each U.S. state provides for many children who could be adopted.  Currently approximately 125,000 children are available to be adopted from foster care.


Discusses access to records, including obtaining birth records, and the topic of search & reunion through adoption registries.

Adoption Exchanges

Adoption exchanges provide pictures and brief descriptions of the children in the state's foster care system who are available for adoption and waiting for families.


Photo-listings and state adoption exchanges provide adoption information to educate prospective adoptive parents and connect them with waiting children.

Help for Adopting Families by State

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Adopting Resources for the Adopting FamilyAdopting Resources for the Adopting Family